CHOICES: A Leadership Training Program



CHOICES helps middle and high school students build the capacity to make healthy, logical decisions that will benefit their future and our community. This training provides a comfortable, energetic environment in which youth can participate in discussions and activities that allow them to develop a framework in which to make choices that help them thrive in their current state of life while preparing them to flourish in the future.  

CHOICES is an eight-week program that meets once per week for two hours and includes a healthy meal and a physical activity.  CHOICES consists of the following training:

  • Selfie: Awareness of Me
  • Character: My Choices, My Actions, My Outcomes – Framework for Ethical Living
  • Health: The Whole You – Mind, Body & Soul
  • Opportunity: Taking on New Tasks – The Value of Education
  • Informed: Privileges & Rights
  • Consequences: Good or Bad – The Choice is Mine
  • Education: In for the Long Haul
  • Skills: What Do You Have in Your Pocket? 

CHOICES: Generations


CHOICES: Generations provides parents and guardians with an array of tools that will help them support the youth in their life. 

CHOICES: Generations is a four-week program that meets either once per week or once  every other week for two hours and includes a healthy meal.  CHOICES: Generations consists of the following bouts:

  • Bout #1 - Parenting Your Adolescent: Communicating, Connecting & Accepting
  • Bout #2 - The Effects of Media on Our Children
  • Bout #3 - Talk So Your Teen Will Listen, Listen So Your Teen Will Talk
  • Bout #4 - To Know Me is to Love Me: Understanding Your Child’s Personality Preference, Love Language, Learning Style, Character and Multiple Intelligences 

CHOICES: Real Life


CHOICES: Real Life builds on the skills youth learned in CHOICES. Like CHOICES, CHOICES: Real Life provides youth with an engaging environment that encourages active participation in the learning experience.

CHOICES: Real Life is a four-week program that meets either once per week or once  every other week for two hours and includes a healthy mea and a physical activity.  CHOICES: Real Life consists of the following bouts:

  • Bout #1 - Time is Ticking: Road Map to Your Future
  • Bout #2 - Money, Money, Money
  • Bout #3 - Time Management
  • Bout #4 - Social Media Pitfalls


Character Workshop

This one day workshop introduces youth to the topics covered in CHOICES while focusing on personal character.